Program Structure for Weight Loss and Pricing


MetaMorphosis MD Program Structure (as of  July 2021)

Customized plans (scroll for pricing) are all different and may include:

-Dietary Planning

-Medications for weight loss or appetite suppression

-Exercise Planning

-Supplementation (dietary and/or neutraceutical)

-Further physician guided evaluation and treatments of chronic medical issues


We will help you design the program to meet your needs and goals, including supplements, counseling, diet, and exercise. There is no commitment after your initial evaluation. If you chose to work with us, we recommend no less than once monthly appointments for fostering success, and for no less than three months duration to start to foster long term habits.

Qualifying visits may be done face to face, or on your smartphone or personal device, in the convenience of your home or office at flexible hours.

 All dietary and medical supplement costs are not included unless otherwise noted.

Cost and Insurance: We accept payment at time of visit by credit card, health savings account cards, or cash/check.

We do not currently accept insurance,  though health savings accounts may be applied towards our services and products. Deductibles may also be applied in many cases, and we encourage you to check with your insurer. In addition, we may provide receipts and clinical summaries for you to receive reimbursement from your health insurance company if your insurance plan reimburses for the treatment of obesity.

INITIAL EVALUATION  (1 hour)  $220

(add metabolic testing for $39- recommended)

Meet one-on-one with Dr. Moutsatsos for 60+ minutes. May be done in office or virtually.

Includes phone intake, review of 3-4 day food log and dietary habits, evaluation of weight intake forms, review of previous labwork and medications, detailed medical consultation, weight check, vitals. The doctor will discuss her findings and offer her professional suggestions for an individualized weight loss strategy specifically based on your findings.

There is no obligation after this appointment. If you wish to continue  under the care of Dr. Moutsatsos, you may decide at this time or thereafter to sign up for your customized plan based on these initial recommendations.

FOLLOW UP APPOINTMENTS: from $75 monthly**

For patients looking to continue to work with Dr. Moutsatsos after initial consult. May be done in person or via telemedicine style-conference call.

Minimum monthly follow up required for all medication and ongoing support unless otherwise discussed for those in maintenance phase.

“House call” appointments available, travel starting at $25.

2 WEEK DETOX:  $250

Includes  two weeks of all natural appetite suppressants, meal supplements and physician’s dietary guidance to kick start or restart any lifestyle or dietary plan.


For the client who wants a very structured meal replacement program, and must lose weight for immediate health benefit, abnormal labwork, or other reasons.This may be used as a jump start to my other plans. Not meant to be used long term.

Includes meal replacements for 4-5 times a day along with initial and weekly weight check ins and initial nutritional meal plan. Medications and appointments extra if desired.


Specialized breathing test that enable physicians to evaluate your metabolism by determining your calories burned at rest.

CUSTOM  PLANS  (prices vary)

Do you have more than 10% of your body weight to lose? Do you want to work along with your spouse or friend? I can customize a plan based on your unique circumstances.

**based on a $75 per 15 minute consultation, add on services may vary, and are additional.