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Our name is as unique as our concept. MetaMorphosis MD was developed by Dr. Alexia Michell Moutsatsos, a U.S. board certified physician in Obesity Medicine, ABOM, and Internal Medicine, ABIM, with additional focus on Women’s Health. Involved in the medical field for over 2 decades starting with training at Georgetown University, Dr. Moutsatsos has treated thousands of patients for a spectrum of diseases, with over half of her patients’ health being complicated by obesity or abnormal weight gain. She recognizes Obesity as a chronic and sometimes genetic condition, just as are diabetes and high blood pressure, and realizes that this disease requires a holistic approach to treatment for long term successful weight management.

As the overweight and obesity epidemic in the United States continued to grow, Dr. Moutsatsos realized the limited efficacy of commercial weight loss options and her own frustrations with the lack of proper time to treat obesity during routine office visits. Gimmicky weight loss programs and medications promising rapid weight loss, or one-size-fits-all programs, often left her patients with weight re-gain and less money in their pockets. Her desire to create quality weight loss care prompted her development of the MetaMorphosis MD concept and team of providers.


Dr. Alexia Moutsatsos, MD, FACP
Founder / Lead Physician at Metamorphosis MD

Involved in the medical field for over 2 decades starting with training at Georgetown University, Dr. Moutsatsos has treated thousands of patients for a spectrum of diseases with over half of her patients health being complicated with obesity or abnormal weight gain.

Accreditation & Accolades
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U.S. Board Certified in Obesity Medicine
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U.S. Board Certified in Internal Medicine
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Fellow of the American College of Physicians

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Member of Obesity Medicine

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Named TOP DOCTOR in Obesity and Internal Medicine for 2022

Dr. George Moutsatsos

STAFF Cardiologist

Renowned cardiologist, Dr. George Moutsatsos, has been voted  by Top Doctors of Philadelphia and Delaware, and Consumers’ Research Council of America’s Top Doctor from 2013 to present. As a Georgetown University trained fellow, and with over 20 years of experience providing the finest in patient care and outcomes, Dr. Moutsatsos continues to treat a large spectrum of patients including diplomates and public figures from all over the world. He practices outside of Philadelphia, PA, continues to present at lectures nationwide, and has contributed to numerous medical publications.

MetaMorphosis MD is thrilled to have Dr. Moutsatsos offer his services in cardiovascular disease and cardiometabolic medicine. He utilizes his experience using evidence-based medicine and the latest in cardiovascular research, coupled with his ongoing  emphasis on proper lifestyle and dietary practices, to provide the best in comprehensive concierge cardiac care that also focuses on overall wellness and lifestyle. 

His services include second opinion consultations, and ongoing virtual consultative cardiology care in the realms of general cardiovascular disease and cardiometabolic medicine, for routine and difficult cases.

Dr. Moutsatsos rates of service may be furnished upon request and do not fall within the routine weight management program pricing.

dr. george moutsatsos

Dr. George Moutsatsos
Staff Cardiologist at Metamorphosis MD

Accreditation & Accolades
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Named TOP DOCTOR in Cardiology
2013 – Present

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Named TOP DOCTOR in Cardiology since 2013 – Present

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Named TOP DOCTOR in Cardiology
2013 – Present

Dr. Mondana Zargarnian, DNP, FNP-BC, MS-RN

Doctor of Nursing Practice

A Columbia University doctorate-educated, board-certified nurse practitioner, Mondana has had extensive experience in managing patients with complex medical histories and weight management. She brings hands-on experience from some of the nation’s largest programs, such at New York Presbyterian, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, and UC Davis. Mondana has been successful in transitioning her well-regarded weight management expertise to a fully tele-health platform to meet the needs of patient clientele in several states across the U.S.

dr. mondana zargarnian

Dr. Mondana Zargarnian, DNP, FNP-BC, MS-RN
Doctor of Nursing Practice at Metamorphosis MD


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On visits over the years to her relative’s village of Metamorphosis, Greece,  Dr. Alexia Moutsatsos always connected with the consistency of the diet of the Mediterranean people, lack of excess, small portions, their level of activity, positive mood, and can-do attitude. She was inspired to offer these concepts to her patients back home, wanting to show her patients that lifestyle and diet were key components to managing not just Obesity, but other diseases, and life as well.

Thus began the evolution of Metamorphosis MD as a concept.

Metamorphosis is a noun from the Greek for “the complete change in the appearance or character of someone or something.”



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