MetaMorphosis MD and Chronic Weight Issues

Trouble with weight can often start at a young age and become a chronic issue for an individual during a lifetime. We view obesity as a chronic disease. Once your body has undergone the changes associated with excessive weight gain in obesity, your metabolism and endocrine pathways change as well, for good. Even after losing weight, these balances in your body affect metabolism differently than if you had never developed obesity in the first place. The addition of “fat genes,” or a hereditary predisposition to obesity, can compound this issue. We are able to recommend genetic, hormonal, endocrinologic and metabolic testing in order for you to understand and treat any underlying issues that may affect your path to weight loss and better understand your body.

That is why we at MetaMorphosis MD believe that the path towards losing and maintaining a healthy weight is a chronic process. We want to help you develop and maintain healthy eating and exercise habits for the long run. The less your weight “yo-yo’s”, the more long term your success will be. But, just like any chronic disease, “relapses” can and do happen. Plateau in weight loss is normal. That is why our program can also offer a maintenance program so you may check in no less than twice a year and develop a “Red Zone” weight where you know you must get back on track.

Metamorphosis MD and Chronic Disease

As a physician-based practice with roots in clinical medicine, understanding chronic disease and how it affects your weight is something that cannot be found at most weight loss chains and strip-mall clinics. We take pride in being able to review your medical conditions and customize a program to work in tandem with your prescribed medications, as well as your personal limitations and restrictions. Suggestions for you to pass along to your physician on how your medications and diet may affect your overall weight management and health can be given to you for discussion with your regular doctors.

MetaMorphosis MD for Pre and Post Pregnancy

Weight management is known to be a particular struggle for most women after having children. We realize that starting out your pregnancy at a healthy weight is just as important to the health of mother AND baby, and makes weight loss afterwards easier.

MetaMorphosis MD can help young women achieve goal weight prior to conception in order to optimize pre-pregnancy weight and to initiate a healthy pregnancy in and of itself. We can also focus on helping you to lose weight after baby in a healthy manner in order to achieve pre-pregnancy goal weight.

MetaMorphosis MD and Midlife (perimenopause and menopause)

Weight gain at mid-life is often a daunting and frustrating reality for many women. It is a period of time which can often last a decade, affecting most women in mid to upper 40’s but some at an even younger age. Often times, levels of activity and diet are kept the same, but women find themselves gaining unwanted fat in areas they never had it before. Reduction and loss of the female hormone estrogen leads to gain of midabdominal weight, a loss of muscle mass, fatigue, moodiness, and other menopausal symptoms. A subsequent decrease in physical activity in addition to these can contribute to a general overall decrease in sense of well-being while the weight accumulates. Many complain that the method of cutting calories and physical exercise that once worked to help them shed pounds in the past does not work for them anymore.

We recognize that simply “dieting” at this time of life is not that straightforward or simple. MetaMorphosis MD takes into account how the 5th M, Menopause, affects all 4 other M’s (mood, managing sleep, movement, and meals). Our comprehensive program looks to deal with all 5 factors in creating a successful weight loss program for you, in addition to treatments recommended by your family physician or gynecologist.

MetaMorphosis MD and Men

We realize that you too care about your weight! MetaMorphosis MD can customize a program to suit your needs. We realize men and women have different metabolisms as different phases of life, and will tailor your program to meet your diet preferences and caloric goals. We can take into account the type of diet you prefer to it around your metabolic and caloric needs. You will not “starve,” trust us!



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