MetaMorphosis MD and Midlife (perimenopause and menopause)

 Weight gain at mid-life is often a daunting and frustrating reality for many women. It is a period of time which can often last a decade, affecting most women in mid to upper 40’s but some at an even younger age.  Often times, levels of activity and diet are kept the same, but women find themselves gaining unwanted fat in areas they never had it before. Reduction and loss of the female hormone estrogen leads to gain of midabdominal weight, a loss of muscle mass, fatigue, moodiness, and other menopausal symptom. A subsequent decrease in physical activity in addition to these can contribute to a general overall decrease in sense of wellbeing while the weight accumulates. Many complain that cutting calories and physical exercise that once worked to help them shed pounds in the past  does not work for them anymore.

We recognize that simply “dieting” at this time of life is not that straightforward or simple. MetaMorphosis MD takes into account how the 5th M, Menopause, affects all 4 other M’s  (mood, managing sleep, movement, and meals). Our comprehensive program looks to deal with all 5 factors in creating a successful weight loss program for you, in addition to treatments recommended by your family physician or gynecologist.