MetaMorphosis MD and Chronic Weight Issues

Trouble with weight can often start at a young age and become a chronic issue for an individual during a lifetime. We view obesity as a chronic disease. Once your body has undergone the changes associated with excessive weight gain in obesity, your metabolism and endocrine pathways change as well, for good. Even after losing weight, these balances in your body affect metabolism differently than if you had never developed obesity in the first place. The addition of  “fat genes,” or a hereditary predisposition to obesity, can compound this issue. We are able to do genetic, hormonal, endocrinologic and metabolic testing in order for you to understand and treat any underlying issues that may affect your path to weight loss and better understand your body.

That is why we at MM MD believe that the path towards losing and maintaining a healthy weight is a chronic process. We want to help you develop and maintain healthy eating and exercise habits for the long run. The less your weight “yo-yo’s”, the more long term your success will be. But, just like any chronic disease, “relapses” can and do happen. This requires the same attention as someone who develops blood pressure that is too high or out-of-control diabetes. That is why MM MD offers our maintenance program so you may check in no less than twice a year and develop a “Red Zone” weight where you know  you must get back on track.